Friday, June 8, 2012

Checking In

Well, after a busy couple of weeks (graduation! family visiting! getting the car's AC fixed!) we're settled back in Madison for the time being.  The Nestling was a good traveler, seeming to sleep for most of the car rides.  Long may it continue.  I can feel kicks, somersaults, hiccups and such pretty regularly now, and we've both felt, and seen, some of the more spectacular ones from the outside.  I also got some great maternity stuff while in Cincinnati; three cheers for Snooty Fox and the Kenwood Gap having a maternity section (mostly the maternity stuff is online only, and I really prefer to be able to try things on).

I've still get a bit of queasiness/morning sickness a few times a week, but it's definitely an improvement over the first several months.  This is week 26, and the pregnancy emails say the Nestling is about 14 inches (crown to rump? or including legs? I don't know) and 2-2.5 pounds.  The two books tend to say varying things, though.  It's sort of fun to compare the different measurements/fruit comparisons.

So I've put in a link on the sidebar to the registry I put together, for the benefit of those who made inquiries.  Please don't feel obliged to, on the one hand, give us anything at all, or, on the other, to give us only things from the registry*; it's just a few suggestions: some basics, some splurge items we wouldn't buy for ourselves, and some books that have been recommended to me.  I'm using the site, which I've never used before, so as to be able to list things from different stores.  I'll be interested to hear if it's working properly, is easy to use, etc.  From my end, some of the managing functions are a little wonky, but the ease of the bookmark bar button "Add to MyRegistry" is great.

Thanks for stopping by!

*I guess the exception to this would be the car seat.  My Mom picked up a Graco stroller secondhand from a coworker, so having the car seat be a Graco also would be best.

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