Sunday, July 8, 2012

30 Weeks

The past few weekends, we've been hitting up Craigslist and garage sales for some second-hand baby things.  The highlights:

  • the super high-tech Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor for $100
  • a glider-style rocking chair for $30 (It has pink faux-velvet cushions, though.  I'm going to try and make slipcovers)
  • a new-in-package and ridiculously named but well-reviewed "My Brest Friend" Nursing Pillow for $25
  • A changing pad and cover for $15
  • a mess of used clothes, mostly onesies

Check-up earlier this week went fine.  My next one in two weeks will probably be the last one in Madison- we'll be talking about finding a new OB wherever we'll be moving, among other things.  It's one of the sadder parts about the job/moving situation, that we won't be able to stay with the same OB and hospital/health care group (Meriter).  She and they have been really great.

Oh, and I caved and bought some more maternity clothes, from the Motherhood Maternity in the mall and everything.  I had hoped to get by on what I had, or to try and find any additional things second-hand, but it was just so damn hot, I needed more tank tops.  Found another pair of shorts and a breezy tank dress, as well.  This one, in fact, but in a red/white stripe.  I wore it for the Fourth with some big ol' star shaped earrings and my blue blue nail polish.  We went and saw The Avengers.

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