Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well, here we are in September, and still no baby yet.  It's heartening to think that, one way or another, this is the month in which she'll be born.  And who knows, I could still go into labor later today and my dad could have a birthday buddy (Happy Birthday, Dad!).  In the meantime, we've met with and really liked a pediatrician and gotten the room pretty much set up, although we're still waiting for the plumber to finish up before we go get a washer and dryer and get most of the clothes and linens laundered.

These photos are a little dark, but can you spot the cat's new favorite napping spot?  Here's a close-up:

Oh, Speedy, I don't think you'll like it there so much once this room and that changing pad are put to their intended uses!  Or maybe he will, I don't know.  I'm just glad he decided this was his spot, rather than the crib, which would of course be a big "No!" that he wouldn't really understand.

Oh, and can you make out the new purple-ness of the rocker in the corner?  I was hunting around for fabric we already had to slipcover it, and thought the purple of my old sheets would work well, so I just draped the fitted sheet over those pink faux-velvet cushions to see how it would look.  Then I started thinking, and 5 minutes of tucking and pulling later, and I had the laziest, no-sew slipcover ever.  And hey, it'll be easy to remove for washing!

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